About us

WolfersTech is a Startup company, our company mainly focuses on Artificial intelligence and digital marketing services.
We believe that we can change your business into a brand using artificial intelligence and digital strategy
We are a team of Indian youth engineers and we not only code for websites and applications but also improve the performance and quality of business in India.
Your dreams, our vision,we don't bother the price you pay, we care for the smile and joy in your face
Ai For Everyone is the goal of our nation so that we could provide artificial intelligence to every person to improve their health, daily life and lead a good life.
Come on, let's grow together and we have a vision to grow your business into a successful brand

Our Culture

We don't hire people,
we inspire them to be part of a team.
There is no boss in our company.
We believe in leaders and learning.
We accept the gender differences within the organisation so that we accomplish them in the outside world.
Each and every one of us is a partner in business

Our Vision

WolfersTech has a vision to create opportunities for growth of young minds in business and life.
And Make artificial intelligence available for every person in India on Pocket Friendly cost.

Our Mission

We provide free Internship to students on AI projects, website building, digital marketing and sales management.
We also provide free courses for them so they could improve their coding knowledge.
And building AI at low cost for business and individuals people.

Contact Us


WolfersTech is a startup which has a group of young passionate people, we believe in our customers happy because its business not sales.

No.42, Avadi-Vel Tech Road,
Vel Nagar, Chennai,
Tamil Nadu 600062



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